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We are Computer Helper

Computer Repair in Douglasville

Computer Helper repairs computers, removes viruses and recommends the best solutions for all your technology needs. Our on-site commercial support is second to none in all of West Georgia. Our trained professionals are on hand to provide you with computer repair in Douglasville and/or assist you remotely to keep your business systems running smoothly and efficiently.

With over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, Computer Helper is prepared to handle any computer problems you may experience.

Started the Company
Computer Helper was started by John Paul Scherer in 1989. The work was done out of the vans or cars. A lot of the work was hardware related, training and networking. John Philipp Scherer (Philipp) was new to being a teenager in those early years. We remember the first 10 Meg hard drive. Who would ever need that much storage?!! John handed the big heavy drive to Philipp and his friend Geoff Mitchell and asked them to figure out how to install it. On Friday nights Philipp and Geoff moved us on into the world of Hard drives, Mouse, CD-ROMs, Audio and into a Windows world while John was teaching DOS and WordPerfect 5.1 at Carver Bible College.
Viruses and Malware
As the years moved on, viruses and other malware were planting their roots deeply into the PC world. A significant portion of the work was now dealing with these pests. I remember the first virus I saw. It was at Carver Bible College when the computer jumped up and said “You’re Stoned”. I didn’t think it was a very funny trick for Dan Paddock, Admissions Director and professor, to play. Well, it was no trick! At least not a trick performed by Dan.
We won’t forget the changing of the century and the uncertainty of what that was going to do to the computers. The big Y2k problem. One quote from those days: “The micro controllers that are in car ignition control systems, clocks, microwaves, and even nuclear weapons all suffer from the same problem. The unpredictable effects…” It appears everyone survived. Our slogan during these years was: SATISFACTION AT YOUR LOCATION.
Hospital Drive
By late 2002 the PC world was greatly changed. John and Philipp had been joined by a Field Representative living in Carrollton. We were getting ready to hire someone in Hiram. We needed a place, a place where we could meet, a place where UPS/FEDX could deliver, a place where we could work the viruses and malware out of computers, store inventory, train and meet with customers. On January 1, 2003, we had 2 bases of operations: the vans and the place at 8723 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134. When asked for our location we would say “across from the new court house and we share an entrance with Gold’s gym on Hospital Drive. You can turn in between two big signs: Gold’s Gym and Computer Helper.”
Small Business
We were excited about Small Business Server 2011 and the new Office 2013. Microsoft that armed us with 2 outstanding programs as we all do our part in the climb out of poor economic times. Small Business Server 2011 was an outstanding package of servers at a very reasonable price for the small business. Office 2013 was designed to integrate very effectively with the Server packages. Together they provided professional communication and collaboration tools while keeping information highly secure and systems available. This greatly simplified operations and lower total cost of operations.
Microsoft 365
We are excited about what we have to offer the Small Businesses of today. From Windows 10 to Microsoft 365, there is a whole new suite of tools available that makes the systems of yesterday seem antiquated and intended for cave dwellers. Our long history and background in traditional computer repair and service positions us to help our clients sift through the ever-growing range of options for their personal and business computer needs.